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Mobile Shredding Service

For businesses with one-time shredding purges or monthly shredding requirements, we offer mobile shredding trucks that come to your office. This is a secure process from the moment your containers are transported to our truck (typically outside on your curb) until they are destroyed. We maintain a secure chain-of-custody that results in a tightly controlled, documented process that strives to prevent security breaches.

How it Works

Businesses who utilize “mobile shredding” typically place locked containers in various locations throughout your building. At regularly scheduled intervals, shredding companies come to your location and pick up the papers from the secure bins.. Materials are then destroyed at the shredding truck outside, which features uniformed personnel with ID badges.

After materials are shredded beyond practicable reconstruction, paper is sent to pulping mills for recycling; plastics are delivered to a recycling facility or incinerated on premises. At the conclusion of every shredding engagement, a certificate of destruction is provided, ensuring a documented end to the chain-of-custody.

Witnesses welcome

As required, representatives from your organization are allowed to witness these destruction activities first-hand. This may be desirable in the destruction of copyrighted, royalty-based, or highly sensitive materials - and is often legally required in the destruction of counterfeit or unlicensed materials.